Printed humidity sensor

Automated permanent humidity monitoring system for buildings. One system - including sensor, analytical software and information app - that can be flexibly used, depending on your application requirements. Increased safety for building owners, real estate managers and principals.

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Variably and flexibly used for all types of roofs as well as timber framing, storage, screeds, pipes, wet rooms etc.



  • Easily integrated at project planning stage
  • Customised installation – depending on individual requirements
  • Quick installation of the entire system


  • Long-term value creation through prevention of costly water damage
  • Low procurement costs
  • No further analytical devices needed


  • Certified data protection system
  • Humidity monitoring system tested by HFA, OFI and TU Chemnitz
  • Optional: Safety box for stand-alone energy supply units
The challenge

Increasing humidity levels are often not immediately visible and remain unnoticed over longer periods. This may result in time-consuming and costly damage, which is sometimes beyond repair or even detrimental to the structure of a building – not to mention the reputational damage for companies involved in design, planning and construction.

The solution

The PHS is reliable and can be flexibly used to provide professionals and customers with additional safety. The sensor components have a long service life and are easy to integrate in the construction planning process. The sensors are installed in a grid-shaped pattern covering the entire surface. This allows facility management to accurately detect a leaky spot without having to enter the building.

This is what our customers say

"Monitoring of building envelopes is becoming increasingly important for roofs. [...] My team is able to install the PHS sensors quickly and efficiently with little extra burden while building up the roof. This saves our customers a lot of time and money." Ing. Roman Hammerschmiedt, Managing Director of HR Gebäudehülle GmbH

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